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  • What kinds of wicks do you use in your candles?
    I use only wooden wicks.
  • Why do you use wood wicks?
    Cotton wicks, which are commonly and historically used in candles are typically bleached and produce a lot of soot when burned. Wooden wicks tend to burn for a longer period of time than cotton wicks, produce a wonderful "crackling" sounds and produce much less soot than cotton wicks. My wooden wicks are from The Wooden Wick Co. These wicks are sustainable and ethically sourced from US-based Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills, and are eco-friendly and phthalate free. This company is also partnered with Trees for the Future, an organization that is working to end hunger and poverty for small farmers through revitalizing degraded lands. The Trees for the Future program offers educational opportunities, empowers women, and builds communities. Wood wicks = all good things!
  • Why is my candle not staying lit?
    Troubleshooting: -First, move your candle to a less drafty area. (Sometimes areas that do not feel that drafty to you may still be difficult for your candle to stay lit in. For example, open concept living rooms.) -Second, blow out your candle fully and let the wick cool. Once the wick has cooled and the wax has hardened, gently trim away the charred wooden wick, leaving enough exposed unburnt wood that you can re-light the candle.
  • Do you offer custom orders?
    At this time, I am unable to fufill large custom orders. However, I highly encourage you to send me an email with your inquiry, as I usually only accept small 5 custom orders at any given time.
  • Can you make a piece of pottery exactly like this one: _______?
    I respect all artists and their work. While I am more than happy to create a unique piece for you that is inspiried by the work of other ceramic artists, I will not make a piece identical to someone else's work. If you fell in love with one of my pieces and want another that looks similar, I can absolutely try my best! All of my pieces are unique and no two pieces will ever look the exact same-- that is the nature of any handmade product.
  • What are your candles scented with?
    All of my candles are scented only with essential oils, and, wherever possible, organic essential oils. I do not use any fragrances or artifical scents.
  • What kind of wax are your candles made out of?
    I use only pure organic soy (vegetable- based) wax. I do not use a blend of waxes. Those with soy allergies should be cautious when burning or touching one of my candles.
  • Do you offer candle refills?
    Yes, and no. In an effort to save you both time and money on shipping, time, I am only able to offer refills for local (Lethbridge, AB) customers only on a pick-up basis. Please email me if you are interested in a candle refill! I offer a 10% discount for refills!



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