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All of my ceramic pieces are made with multiple functionalities in mind. This means, that once your candle has burned through, you can reuse and repurpose your ceramic ware for a variety of purposes, including food. For that reason, all of my ceramics are food safe and all of my ceramic glazes are lead free. All pottery is microwave safe, and top-rack dishwasher safe however hand washing is recommended as the high temperatures of the dishwasher can dull the finish of the glaze and can result in cracks or chips in the piece. 

It is also recommended that when you pour hot or cold liquids into your ceramic pieces, you gently warm up or cool down the pieces so as to not "shock" the ceramic into cracking. 


Apothecary Pottery is not responsible for any injuries from everyday use or misuse of ceramics.



Candles perform best when they are given a little extra love.

Please ensure that you always trim your wicks prior to burning. A wick that is too large or cindered will not burn properly. As well, it is absolutely essential that candles are kept out of a draft area and that each burn-period lasts, at minimum, one hour, to allow for an adequate melt pool. If "tunnelling" occurs simply, scrape away (with a spoon) wax from the edge of the tunnel, trim the wick, and ensure that the next burn-period allows for the entire top layer of wax to melt.

Soy wax burns much cooler than other waxes, and it is therefore much safer in the event of accidents. That being said, the wax may still burn the skin if contact occurs. If a minor burn occurs, run the skin under cool water and wash the wax away with soapy water. If spills occur on a counter, for example, simply wait until the wax has cooled and hardened then scrub away with warm soapy water.




After candles have been used and burned through, each candle votive (glass or ceramic) can be reused and repurposed!

Candle votives can gain a new life as a salt pot, succulent planter, small decorative jar or candy dish (to name a few). 

To repurpose, first gently wedge out the metal wooden wick clip from the bottom of the candle and recycle the clip. Place the votive in the microwave and melt the remaining wax in 20 second increments. Once the wax has melted, use a dishcloth or paper towel to wipe away the excess wax. Discard excess wax in the garbage, not drain pipes. Then, wash the votive with warm soapy water.




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